We're working hard to make it easy

We’re a team of healthcare IT architects and developers building phrHero to create a digital personal healthcare and cost management experience we want for ourselves and loved ones.

Why we do it

We created phrHero to give you:

Organized health records, all in one place
Reinvented personal health record that actually feels good to use.
Ownership and empowerment of your health data. It’s your health after all!

Our product

A simple visualized health record and cost:

Health information that is easy to understand
Putting health and cost data to work for you to help you be healthier and save money.
Single account to monitor your family members' health record.

Our technology

Seamless and secure connections:

Connect all types of patient portals.
Stay informed with automatic updates and organization of your health information.
Powered by HL7 FHIR API, compliant with Meaningful Use Stage 3 application technology.

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